Patient Information

What to expect during your initial visit?

At the start of your first visit, you will be greeted by our front desk staff and you will be asked to complete a medical information form.  If there are any sections of the form you are unsure of, please ask one of our staff and they will be happy to assist you.  If you have a printed list of medications, please bring this to your visit as it is important information to have for your patient file.

Next, you will meet with Dr. Dayna Roemermann, who will explain the purpose of your referral to our office and will perform a detailed oral examination. She will then discuss your diagnosis and the different treatment options you have available, as well as answer any question you may have.  This visit will take approximately 30-45 minutes.

Your general dentist will be kept informed about your visits to our office by means of progress reports sent to them throughout your treatment.


Patient Medical Information Form

If you are new to our practice or have not had treatment in over one year, please fill out this form and email it to before your appointment date.

If you're not able to do so, you're more than welcome to complete it upon arrival to our office.


It is normal to be a little nervous before a surgical procedure.  For those patients who feel they need help in coping with their anxiety, an oral sedative may be given.  This drug will help you to relax and sometimes will allow you to fall asleep. 

It should be understood, however, that this type of drug will not “knock you out”. 

You will maintain your normal consciousness and breathing, but you may be left feeling "groggy" or "fuzzy-headed" when the procedure is complete. Dr. Roemermann can discuss further details and requirements, should you wish to be sedated for your procedure and she will determine whether or not you're a candidate for sedation.