Replacing All Teeth

If you are missing all of your teeth, a number of implants can be placed and restored with either a removable denture or non-removable solution. 

Removable Denture:

This option uses specialized dentures which securely “snap” onto the implants in the patient’s mouth, but can be taken on and off for cleaning and sleeping purposes. Advantages include lower cost (compared to other options), significantly improved stability of the dentures (compared to traditional dentures without implants to support them), and in the case of a complete upper denture, less coverage of the roof of the patient’s mouth.

Non-Removable Solution:

There are two main non-removable solutions. The first solution permanently attaches a specialized denture to the implants in the patient’s mouth that can only be removed by a dental professional.  This allows for the replacement of all the patient’s teeth with good aesthetics and the knowledge that the patient doesn’t have to worry about removing their denture after meals, or at bedtime. 

The second option uses multiple bridges attached to a patient’s implants in order to restore their smile.  If the patient is a suitable candidate for this procedure, this option can provide excellent aesthetics and natural looking porcelain teeth.